Cryptocurrency Tax Advisory

Conducting business in the virtual world of cryptocurrency means almost every transaction may be taxable so tracking your activity accurately is essential for tax purposes. However, the data collected can be used for more than just paying taxes. Analyzing your financials offers insights you can use to create a strategy to reduce your tax bill. The crypto accountants at Graber & Associates, CPAs can provide guidance on how to reduce tax liabilities when generating tokens and make tax-efficient trades, mining, and ICO transactions. We're highly experienced in cryptocurrency tax advisory and are ready to share our knowledge with you to get optimal returns your investments.

Crypto CPAs

Our CPA will supply the creative thinking and ideas to build your wealth. We'll show you the big picture with diagnostic tools that dig deep into your finances and unearth areas where critical adjustments are needed to capitalize on your investments. Armed with this data, we'll help you uncover opportunities to limit tax exposure and increase revenues from all of your crypto transactions.

Get support from our team of CPAs on how to make maximize your crypto earning potential. Request a free consultation online or call us at 410-466-3779 now to learn more.

  • Monitoring crypto exchange reports made to the IRS
  • Reporting guidance for hard forks and airdrops
  • Guidance on how to generate tokens for best for taxation
  • Tax advice for initial coin offering (ICO) transactions
  • Assistance reporting mining income
  • Capital asset classifications
  • Help transitioning crypto mining from a hobby to a business